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Our Seminars

Join a Seminar

Enjoy one of the studio’s prestigious seminars. We offer a variety of different and interesting events every year!

Our past seminars have included:

- Israeli Martial Arts Seminars with Hezi Sheli
- Israeli Martial Arts Seminars with a Specialist from Israel
- Shooting Seminars
- Women’s Self-Defense Seminar
- Israeli Martial Arts Beach Camping Weekend

To sign up for one of these specialized classes, click here.

Host a Seminar

Thank you for your interest in hosting a seminar with Hezi Sheli.

Hezi Sheli is one of the highest ranked and experienced Dennis Hisardut Ju Jitsu instructors in the U.S. A veteran of Israeli martial arts, he holds a 5th degree black belt in Hisardut and received his training under the living legend Grand Master Dennis Hanover, founder of Dennis Hisardut Ju Jitsu, and from his two sons Yaron and Guy in Israel.

Originally a combatant in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), Hezi went on to work internationally as a security professional, serving as a bodyguard for celebrities and high profile individuals and continues to train the top security teams of Hollywood's A list celebs. It is his real world life experiences which give him the knowledge and the authority to speak about everyday self-defense; what does work, what doesn't and more importantly why.

The training received from Dennis changed him very quickly from a shy insecure young boy to a strong, fit and confident teen. Hezi’s perseverance won him both local and national Dennis Hisardut Ju Jitsu championships on a regular basis. In 1995 at the age of 16, he had already successfully tested and received his brown belt and began instructing Hisardut to adults, teens, children and children with special needs. Two years later he went on to receive his 1st degree black belt before joining the prestigious IDF Special Forces unit Palsar Givati.

After 18 months of anti-terror, S.W.A.T. reconnaissance, intelligence techniques, and other military training received at the IDF, Hezi was called upon to test his skills with his team in Lebanon and Gaza. During these non-stop anti-terror missions, Hezi was given the opportunity to enter the officer candidate school but turned it down to stay with his team and support them against the on-going attacks, where he served as 1st Sergeant until his time with the military service was completed in November 2000.

A seminar with Hezi is normally divided into two days consisting of 4-6 hours of instruction although he also offers extended seminars up to one week long. A matted area of 2000 square feet is needed per frothy participants. A minimum of 26 students is required. Some of the topics covered in a basic seminar include

SELF DEFENSE "Hand to Hand Combat", against Knifes, Sticks, Fire Arms, Sparring/Fighting, 360 Training, IDF style Training,

JIU-JITSU - Stand Up, Ground Fight

KARATE - Stand UP, Sparring/Fighting,

JUDO - Take Down Training, Ground Work.

There are multiple variations of the basic seminar, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Anyone may host a seminar, we look forward to a seminar in your town soon!

Phone : 818-575-9755
E-Mail :

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