Human Weapon, Krav Maga episode

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Jackie was born in Omsk, Russia and was raised by parents Mila and Alex Kvassov. At the age of 19, he immigrated to Israel to join the Israel Defense Forces following the steps of his two cousins that came to Israel just a few years earlier. Jackie volunteered, and was subsequently selected, to serve in Orev Givati, completed an extensive training, and participated in special IDF operations in Southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

After an honorable discharge, he worked for Israeli Ministry of Defense providing personal protection for high-ranking political officials and delivering security services to high-security facilities for several years.

In 2004 Jackie landed in the United States, a country which has become his second home ever since. From the first sight, Jackie's military and security backgrounds may not fit ideas of higher education, but nevertheless, obtaining a higher education was always his long-held personal goal. In 2007 he decided to pursue a degree in Business, enrolled in Peirce Community College, and started taking classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Business. In 2008, he transferred to the College of Arts and Sciences at the American Jewish University with an aim to enroll in the BA/MBA joint program and earn a Master's degree in business management. In 2012 Jackie graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences with Magna Cum Laude and an Award for Academic Excellence. Currently, he is one step away from getting his Master's degree in Business Administration while working on his thesis project.

In 2010 Jackie started training in Hisardut under 5th degree black belt Hezi Sheli. In 2014 Jackie completed first USA instructor's course. He won three Dennis Hisardut championships in his weight category and two Dennis Hisardut championships in the open category. He's currently a brown belt in Dennis Hisardut Ju Jitsu.

For details on his current classes please click here.

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